Friday, April 29, 2011

Ridiculous news stories

We don't have television in our house. When I say television, I don't mean we don't have a television in our home. What I'm saying is that we don't have it linked up to receive television shows. Let's take a moment for that to sink in because I know for some of you this may be incredibly hard to fathom.

Right, shall we move on?

Due to this lack of television, I rely heavily on the Internet for my news. During the Christchurch and Japan earthquakes for example, I was metaphorically glued to my laptop for DAYS! The live feeds from around the world were incredibly useful in finding out what was happening.

There is a bad side to getting your news from the Internet though. I have discovered that apparently respected news providers have a very loose definition of what 'news' actually is.

While I realise that what people find 'news' is relative (take the royal wedding for example), there has to be a line about what is reported by mainstream media. Some things that have been reported recently have left me wondering why?

A phenomena that is rather creepy is a fascination with reporting on non celebrities. Those people in our world that haven't actually done anything, but are followed around and their lives are documented as if they were important to our daily lives. A news article recently reported that Paris Hilton's boyfriend was pushed outside court. Really? This is news? I got pushed in the supermarket yesterday but it didn't make the papers. Do people seriously care?

Another irritating trait of mainstream media is reporting on a hunch. The obvious example at the moment is will Prince William and Duchess Catherine's marriage last? This isn't news, this is a question that NO ONE could know the answer to. Not to mention incredibly rude since they have been married less than twenty four hours! And yet it is a story that makes it into mainstream media worldwide.

The one type of news story that makes me go GRRRR? Pointless research stories. These include research which claim if you don't have enough nutritious food to eat due to poverty you will be depressed, if you don't interact with your child they won't develop and my personal favourite parents with young children often don't go to the gym. Really people? We really didn't know all this already? How is this news? We should be researching things which are important and unknown or (now here's a thought) acting on the knowledge we have already gained and help improve society. But that is another blog entirely.

What would I like to see in my news? Coverage of local, national and international events which change the makeup of lives. I want to be informed. I want to be challenged. I want Judy Bailey back. But that again is another blog entirely.

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  1. I know eh? And why the hell do we care about the Kardashians? WHY are they famous? I like my news to actually BE news. Even CNN lets me down all the time now. *sigh*