Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things that make you go GRRRR

There are things in this world that just irritate me. Little things which, in the grand scheme of things, don't matter but annoy me anyway. So here are some of the top things that make me go GRRR!

Pyjamas in public
Pyjamas are a night time clothing you wear at home. They are not for wearing at the supermarket or at the mall in the middle of the day unless you are a child under 3 or an old person that is lost. I don't understand how people can look in the mirror and think 'Yeah all I need now are my keys and I'm ready to go!'. If you have the ability to make a conscious choice about what you wear, DON'T WEAR PYJAMAS! It's not a fashion choice, it just makes you look like an escaped patient from a hospital.

This is not a word. It is 'you'. It can be a plural or a singular word. I heard this recently in a presentation given at my work. The woman was very articulate but kept saying 'youse'. I don't think I heard anything in the presentation because I was too busy twitching to the point where a nurse asked me if I was having a fit. So unless you are talking about sheep, the word is 'you'.

Doctors who don't listen to mothers
I know there are some mothers out there that are (for lack of a better word) just crazy when it comes to their kids, but the majority of mothers know when their kid is sick. They know intricate details of their child that no one else could know. So when a doctor dismisses you, then words are going to be said, most which are better said away from little ears. We are often sleep deprived zombies at this time after dealing with our sick kid and not listening to us is not wise for your health. We don't want to be there. We would rather be anywhere else actually because doctor's surgery's are usually full of other sick people (surprising I know) and we don't want to see anymore sick people than the ones we have to deal with. So just check our child and we will be on our way. But check the child at least. Because if you don't, we will be back and will be looking for your blood.

Sitting on tables
Not only is this culturally unacceptable in this country, it is GROSS! Think for a moment of what gets in contact with your clothes. Would you want that on your food? I think not. There are chairs for this reason. It's just laziness. So get your bum off the table and sit on the MANY chairs in the room. Or sit on the floor. I don't care just don't sit on my table!

Weight bigots
People who feel it is perfectly acceptable to say 'You are so skinny!' irritate me. People who feel it's okay to say 'You look disgusting and should eat something' bring out the crazy in me. People are skinny. People are fat. That's none of your business. They shouldn't need to justify it, they shouldn't need to be embarrassed by it, they should be able to walk down the street and not be harassed by strangers about their weight. That's what family and doctors are for.

Kid haters
My children are loud. Actually my children are often beyond loud. But they are generally happy little individuals who just like to talk at a level more suited to a rock concert. People who stare and complain about children in the supermarket or in a cafe annoy me. They have a right to be there too. If there was a switch that would make them quieter, trust me the parent would have not only found it by now but would have used it. If you want to shop in peace, do your shopping online. If you want a coffee without hearing 'The wheels on the bus' at full volume, don't go to a cafe near a playgroup at 10 o clock in the morning. And be aware that approaching an already stressed out mother and complaining about her child may result in you being beaten to death with a cucumber.

And my number one grr thing....

Early morning joggers
I often start work at 7 o clock in the morning. There is something incredibly irritating about seeing people smiling and voluntarily jogging at 6 o clock when you would rather be in bed. Especially when it is raining and cold. That kind of happy can only be tolerated at a more godly time. Now while this may seem like a rather bizarre and overly critical thing to find irritating, keep in mind that it is dark at this time and these joggers often don't wear bright clothing and just jump out in front of cars. After you have slammed on your brakes and had a mild heart attack, there is nothing more irritating than someone smiling at you and proceeding to jog away. It brings out the crazy in me.

I accept that I am a cranky individual. Small things in the world annoy me, but don't be mistaken, big things in the world annoy me too. And I will be writing about those too. Please share with me the things that annoy you. I may be one of those things and that's fine. But get them out there! Too often we are expected to be happy and balls of sunshine all the time and this is not healthy. Things get done by angry, fed up people. So this is a place where you can wave your cranky flag without people telling you to cheer up (another grr thing). So wave your cranky flags proudly!


  1. Cyclists! 'nuff said lol

    Oh and people who smell bad, not the kind where they cannot help it due to medical reasons, but I mean people who just don't wear deodorant.

  2. "Yous" might sound a bit dumb to those of us who don't use it, but it's a perfectly legitimate natural evolution of language. It's pretty lame of English not to have a distinct word for the 2nd-person plural, so people have come up with their own versions when the need arises. We have "yous", Americans have "y'all", and it's pretty stick-in-the-mud to try and say they're wrong. Within a generation they'll be in the dictionary, because language is defined by how it's used, not how a bunch of old pedants dictate it to be.

  3. An old pedant? That makes me sound like jewelry! I didn't design the English language, I just speak it correctly. And y'all is short for you all which makes more sense than youse. I take it that it annoys you when people correct grammar? Thanks for your comment :)

  4. Amen to Cyclists! If we were in Holland it would be a different story! But we are not and Cyclists in Wellington are beyond words! Have any of them actually noticed that this city happens to have hills! And don't get me started when you get stuck behind one of them on the long and narrow stretches of road between Lyall Bay and Island Bay!

    I have no real qualms about morning joggers other than the fact they could use a good deal of encouragement to slap themselves and realise that no one thinks your a hero and you actually do get the same amount of exercise when the sun is shining!

    Now that that's out of the way let me get down to the real nitty gritty. Let's focus on shoppers in supermarkets who, through my own personal observations and musings, appear to have low IQ/EQs. It has been theorised that this is becoming an increasingly voluntary personal attribute. Rude, ignorant and selfish behaviour use to be blamed on a lack of commonsense and courtesy but I think we all need to realise that the reality of the situation has gone far beyond this. To those of you suffering this elective fate. Please do not leave your trolley in the middle of the isle when you find yourself stuck between whether Wattie's or Pam's Creamed Corned is the best option. Do use your peripheral vision, your sense of sound and understanding of three dimensional space. They have movies out now where you wear glasses. Take the opportunity to go to one as a potential self help strategy or aid for personal improvement in spacial awareness. Seeing as things seem to be as bad as they can get, if it keeps you out of the way of people doing their best to shop in a courteous, quick and efficient manner, use your sense of taste, touch and smell as well! At least that gives someone extra incentive and grounds to deliver you a cheek blistering backhand!

    Thank you for this opportunity Tasha. Please note that, despite the above, I believe in environmental sustainability, health and well being and right of every person to be themselves. I remain content with my cheery and ever hopeful pessimistic disposition.

  5. Wave those cranky flags! I feel a blog about cyclists may be in order. Trust me, it's not just a Wellington issue...

  6. Something that makes me go grrrr is those individuals who insist on wearing pants too big for them with no belt and the crotch hangs down by their knees and you can see their underpants and then they are constantly hitching up their pants as they walk grrrrrrr

  7. I couldn't agree more! Add to that women who have their g string hanging out of the top of their pants too! There is a reason it's called UNDERwear. :)

  8. I agree that language is changing,for example, 'alright' is now acceptable as a word, though it will always look alwrong to me, lol. However, 'youse' just sounds horrible and I don't think you'd hear it in any other English-speaking country.

    I also go grrrr at cyclists who think that red lights don't apply to them, people with extremely low-slung pants nearly tripping them up, courier vans that are left double-parked with the door open, drivers who indicate to turn left then suddenly turn right (or vice versa), drivers who go out of the IN gate at the supermarket carpark, drivers who suddenly realise they are meant to have paid for their car parking BEFORE they return to their car then block everyone's exit while they run to the pay machine - and the person who tried to blame me for mistakes in a document he was supposed to have checked thoroughly before I printed it! I'm sure I'll think of more, but in the meantime GRRRRRRRRRRRR! Ha ha

  9. Hey Tasha, it doesn't annoy me when people correct grammar—I'm one of the biggest pedants (not PENDANTS ;) ) around.

    But I do draw a distinction between the devolution of grammar based on ignorance, and natural, reasonable evolution. I'm a complete Nazi when it comes to the misuse of "your" and "you're", etc., but using a 2nd-person plural is adding complexity to the language by giving a word to a needed niche, so what's wrong with that? So far the only argument against "yous" that I've heard is that "it sounds stupid". And while I don't disagree with that (it does sound stupid if you're not used to it), but that's not a reason for it not to exist.

    There's no such thing as "correct" English; it is what it is by usage, not decree.

    Every region/culture has its own variation on standard English, and it's nothing more than snobbery to say that another group's particular brand is "wrong".

    A classic extension of the plural of "you" is in the US South. As I mentioned earlier, they use "y'all" for standard plural, but if they're talking to a bigger group, they use "all y'all", which I find hilarious.

    I'd never in a million years talk that way myself, but I think it's fantastic that English has such colourful variations and customizations wherever you go.

  10. Point taken Carl. It just sounds so wrong to me! It may just be better for people to not say it around me so I don't look like I am having a seizure. Everyone has their thing that bugs them when it comes to the English language (or some have a lot more than one). I have a friend who hates people saying hypo when they mean hyper (usually in describing children). But thanks for your contribution :)