Sunday, September 18, 2011

When cellphone users go bad

My cellphone is broken. It had a horrible encounter with a glass of water and my two year old and now is broken. I am getting it repaired but for now I am out of the cellular world. And the funny thing is that I don't actually care. It may be different if I didn't have a landline and Facebook but not having a cellphone is not bothering me in the slightest.

This lack of cellular contact combined with going out and about with various visitors over the past fortnight has allowed me to observe from the outside the crazy places and ways people use their cellphones. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

I was at the airport on Saturday and needed to go to the toilet. Imagine my surprise when a lady walked into the toilets and was talking on her cellphone, then walked into a stall and KEPT TALKING! After I had thrown up a little in my mouth I started laughing so much that people were concerned. WHY WOULD YOU TALK ON YOUR CELLPHONE WHILE GOING TO THE TOILET?! I cannot think of a single instance where a conversation could not wait until I was out of the toilet. And what about the poor person on the other end? There are things you don't need to share with your family and friends!

I was buying coffees on Saturday (before the traumatic toilet incident) and there was a man ordering food while talking on his phone. This was holding up the line and was making me angry. Talking on your phone and treating check out people like crap by using hand gestures and grunts is RUDE! What could be so important that the conversation could not wait while you ordered your food? I'm thinking that if it was that much of an emergency that maybe food should be the last thing on your mind. And think about the other people that are waiting while you talk on your phone! Step aside and let the polite people use their words to order!

I am not sure if this is a new thing or not but why do people scream in their phones? I thought this was just reserved for old people (Nana Ross used to do this and it was endearing) but I have noticed people of all ages doing this. The most annoying places are on public transport because you can't escape. I have learned more about random strangers than I know about my own husband. There are some things that should be texted or not spoken about. Please don't scream down your cellphone about your latest conquest on the bus. Think of the children!

And my personal favourite?

I was at the mall the other day eating McDonalds and saw a group of adults all sitting around a table. The funny part? They were all on their phones! What a way to connect with people! I have an aversion to people talking on their phone while eating. Unless there is an emergency don't talk on your phone while you are meant to be talking with real living people. I'm sure that if I was at that table and wasn't talking on my phone I would feel incredibly left out.

Technology has allowed us to keep in contact with people we would otherwise not be able to contact without a significant time delay. But I wonder if cellphones have actually made us ruder as a people? We seem to have forgotten basic manners (don't talk on the toilet, sharing your personal life with a busload of people is a bit skanky, ignoring people is rude etc) and have become somewhat isolated in our own little technology worlds. Also some things can wait! Instant contact isn't necessary. It is handy if there is an emergency but honestly how many things can't wait until you are somewhere appropriate to be conducting a private conversation?

So let me know what is your craziest cellphone story?

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  1. I hate to see people talking on their cell phones while driving. Pull over, people - it's against the law now AND you're distracted while on the same road as me!